First Year Of College As Told By Disney

The start of college is simultaneously wonderful and horrible. It's filled with new experiences, some good and some... questionable. But hey, we all go through it. I thought it would be fun to reflect on what everyone experiences in their first year of college... but told through Disney gifs.


1. When you walk into your new room for the first time.

2. And then every time after that

3. The first day of lectures


4. And then every day after that.

5. When your alarm goes off for your 9am lecture.

6. When your third snooze alarm goes off.



7. When you finally get out of bed.

8. When you spend all of your money on food.


9. When you attempt to go to the gym.

10. When your ID finally works in the club.

11. When your parents visit you in college.


12. When you get your first group project

13.When you have to start your first 3000 word essay.

14. But then you calm down, drink 3 cups of coffee and eat loads of Haribos and you're all like....


15. When you realise you have a week to cram in a semester worth of work.

16. When you see your crush in the club.

17. When you realise that all of the drink and bad food is taking it's toll.


18. When you order a pizza to the library because there's no way you're making it home for dinner.

19. When your friends leave you for the weekend.

20. When you're preparing for your first presentation in front of your class.


21. When you wake up to the roommate who took care of drunk you last night.

22. When the lecturer allows you to work with a friend on a project.

23. Realising you have 20 euro you forgot about. "Spicebags on me, friends."


24. When you finally get to wear that new outfit you bought ages ago.

25. When you change from your college clothes into your Coppers clothes.


Video: College: Expectations vs Reality

Credit: fiercelytasha. 

Áine O'Donnell

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