Girl Gets Ratted Out After Asking Siri Will Guy Ever Text Her Back

Girl Gets Ratted Out After Asking Siri Will Guy Ever Text Her Back

Just an FYI, if you're wondering whether a bloke will text you back, maybe just ask a mate instead.

Technology has shaken up the dating scene in recent years, and not just because of apps like Tinder and POF. Should we ever be confused about mixed signals (hey maybe he's dropped off the face of the earth cos he really likes me), we can always ask Siri what's going on.

Like Twitter user Ceci did. When a lad didn't text her back, she asked Siri would he ever reply.

What did Siri do? She cut to the chase, no messing, and sent a message to the guy Ceci was referring to and asked if he was ever going to text Ceci back.

The tweet went viral, garnering over 41,000 retweets and nearly 250,000 likes, in just one day. And did the lad in question text Ceci back? Nope. 'Left on read.'


Included in the many comments a few people made the point that Siri checks with you before sending a text but in a moment of panic, Ceci says she accidentally hit yes.


Sound Siri. Just sound.

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