Google Counsellor: 14 Questions To Ask Your Tinder Match

Google Counsellor: 14 Questions To Ask Your Tinder Match

On the second instalment of Google counsellor we were asked what questions to ask a tinder match:

Once you’ve discovered whether they have road frontage/if they’ve played county and whether or not they’re a bot the conversation can run dry, so here’s 14 questions you can ask to keep the whole show on the road:

1.Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?

If they don’t respond “Who me, couldn’t be, then who?” unmatch them immediately .

2.If a tree falls in the wood and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If they actually answer this then you’ll know they’re a bullshitter. Cut 'em loose!


3.Are you in the Ra?

In case you've matched Gerry Adams.

4.Have you drink taken?

Good to know.

5. How do you see a hard border in Northern Ireland affecting socio-economic climate of the Republic and indeed the British Isles as the whole?

Keep it topical.


6.Have you ever killed a man?

It's good to weed out the serial killers early in play.

7.Did you ever get the ride?

...Of a tractor.

8.D'you remember when Beyblades were a thing?

Good way to gauge their age.


9.Have you turned off the immersion?

If they haven't they'll be eternally indebted to you, also it shows your conscientious side.

10.What do you think happens after we die?

No one seems to know, so if you find a match that does you'll know they have a good grasp on life.

11.Ask them if their willing to go halves on a Domino's meal deal

Cut the crap, if they don't say yes to that then you're wasting your time.


12.What are you wearing?

You can't beat the old classics.

13.Who are you wearing?

For the fashion conscious Tinder user.

14.My friend wants to know will you meet me?

Ripped straight from the teenage nightclub scene, if it works then surely it'll work now.


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Eoin Lyons

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