Hallelujah! There's An Aperol Spritz Terrace Coming To Dublin Next Week

Hallelujah! There's An Aperol Spritz Terrace Coming To Dublin Next Week

"Hi, I'm a summer cocktail."
"Are you an Aperol Spritz?"
"What? No, I'm a Whis -"
"Then I'm not interested mate and you can go swivel, yeah?"

The above motif is to illustrate the extent to which the Aperol Spritz has risen to dominate the summer cocktail market. Look on and weep ye other, inferior, cocktails for ye have been toppled from your thrones.

With this in mind, Dublin bar, NoLita, are seeking to monetarily capitalise on the ever-escalating obsession for Aperol Spritzes, the new golden child of the summer cocktail scene. They are affording the Aperol Spritz a position that most other cocktails on their menu could only dream of - a whole damn dedicated terrace.

They are opening up, what they are calling an 'Aperol terrace' - which we are to presume is a terrace whereby Aperol-based drinks will be sold, rather than some architecturally heinous, and profoundly unsafe, creation formed itself from Aperol.

A whole damn terrace. Sure, this may seem gratuitous, I know you may be thinking that perhaps even a portion of a terrace, or converting a store room into some kind of 'Aperol nook' might prove sufficient homage to the drink. But no, here we are, staring down the barrel of a reality containing an 'Aperol terrace'.


In case you were wondering - while you were slaking your specific, Aperol-based thirst on this here terrace in NoLita - whether you would be able to pander to some of your other Italian-centric desires, then you certainly can. Should you get hungry they will have, what they are somewhat ambiguously terming, 'light bites'.

"Under what kind of setting would I be consuming these comestibles, should I choose to grace this Aperol terrace with my custom?" I hear you ask, to which I can but reply - given the scant information on their Instagram post - "Italiano. The style, will be 'Italiano'."

Should anything about what I have described thusfar entice you, then excellent. Go forth, go forth and acquire Aperol Spritzes under the flickering Dublin sun.

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