How To Handle Moving Back With Your Parents For The Summer

It's the end of the college year. You've drank more than any human should be allowed to in such a short space of time, you've eaten some very questionable dinners and now it's time to move back home. You have the luxury of home cooked meals, a proper bed and not having to pay for TV and internet. It's gonna be so nice after all your work on essays and the end of the year, right?


1. Your Family Is Gonna Be All About You

This is the honeymoon stage of first coming back. Your parents are happy to have you back at home for four months and everything is great. Whatever you need is handed over to you. It's a wonderful start off to the summer because you're already treated like royalty.

2. The Essays Excuse Will Only Last So Long

Eventually though they'll realize that you're actually just very lazy and not that you're all tuckered out from exams and essays. When they see that, after a solid two weeks, you still haven't worn anything but pyjamas they'll start to wonder just how much that end of year work took out of you. Use the essays and exams excuse while you can.



3. Your Reign Will End

So they've realized that you're lazy and now is when they start making you do your own chores. In their head, you've been doing it all year for yourself, even though that's only kinda true. If they'd popped into your college house unexpectedly...That's where the answer lies, just do the absolute minimum. Exactly what you were doing during college but this time do it with a smile as if movement isn't torture.



4. Dealing With The Lack Of Social Life

You'll soon realize that there's very little to do when you get back home, session wise. There's bars but they're dimly lit and  there's no techno. You won't be able to call your friends over to yours with a load of cans either. Really the summer between college years is sorta like your liver's holiday. You're mostly confined to Fridays and Saturdays so use the time in between to be productive, i.e. justifying being a mess at the weekend.


5. Work It Off

Do your best to find a job during the summer. If you can do it before your parents start nagging at you then that's all the better. It'll benefit you because you'll have money, obviously, but you won't find it so difficult going back to college. 9 am lectures are probably not gonna happen when you've gotten used to getting up at 2 pm everyday. Experience is also extremely useful. See if you don't work at all during your time in college your employers are gonna see a 3/4 year gap in employment, so it's useful to have something in between.


6. May As Well Use The Time For Something

You'll have a lot of spare time when you realize you don't have any lectures to go to and eventually it'll start to weigh down on you. You know, because you went to all of them. If you don't fancy getting a job then use the time for something else. I'd suggest either going to the gym or learning to drive if you haven't. The gym because you can shock everyone and go back to college built as fuck. Then you can pretend like it's no big deal: "What? Oh, my rippling muscles and zero body fat? Ha yeah, no big deal." Learning to drive is just always gonna be handy plus you've got a bit more freedom.

7. Get The Fuck Outta There

It's gonna be weird not seeing your college friends for such a long time. Ideal way to fix that is organize a holiday for all of you. You can on a cheap sun holiday if you wanna get a shitty tattoo on your arse and end up on a newspaper about the shocking decay of our generation. There's interrailing around Europe if you can afford that and are willing to spend a lot of time on a train. If your funds are causing a problem there's plenty that your own country has to offer so a road trip could well work, as long as at least one of you knows how to drive.

Sean Quigley

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