The 9 Struggles Of Having An Irish Accent Abroad

The 9 Struggles Of Having An Irish Accent Abroad

Being Irish on foreign soil is a unique experience, not least because no one can actually understand what you're saying. Here's just a few struggles of having an Irish accent abroad.

1. People ask you to speak in 'Gaelic'

"An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas?" "Conas ata tu?"

You're practically fluent sure.

2. The clichés come in thick and fast

And suddenly everyone is a comedian. They love Guinness, they love saying you ("guys") love Guinness. The 'aul 'Top of the morning' reference usually creeps its way in there as well.

Cue lots of nodding and awkward laughter. It's only when the mention of potatoes gets dropped into the convo that you're thinking, "This fella's taking the absolute piss."

mtv lauren GIF by The Hills

3. You haven't struggled with numbers this much since Leaving Cert Maths

Tuurrtytreeandatird. If you could remember what learning to talk was like, trying to pronounce the number three would probably be it.

Best just to avoid it all costs.

4. Slang is a no go unless you want to repeat yourself constantly

Expressions such as 'Your man' or 'Your one' are met with a blank stare and the likes of 'Thanks a million'? Calm down there, no need to go overboard.

5. You never realised how fast you speak

Especially when you're chatting to another Irish person. It does sound like a different language in fairness.

6. You become a pro at tapping and pointing

Often the easiest option in the likes of a shop or a pub when you're attempting to order something.

FYI, if you're in a fruit and veg shop in Toronto and you're looking for a *courgette, describing it as 'long and green' to a bunch of shop workers and customers doesn't quite cut it.

*Zucchini #NeverForget

7. People tell you how much they love the UK

Thanks, I'll be sure to pass that on to people who are actually from there

8. If your name is Irish, well good luck

You think you're getting on great in a job until you realise a year has passed and your boss is still calling you Neem.

9. But aside from all the confusion and slags, your accent is always complimented

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Niamh Burke

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