Do You Hate Me? The Struggles of 'Resting Bitch Face'.

If your face looks constantly unhappy, your mouth doesn't hold a smile naturally and your eyes consistently look like they're passing judgement, then congratulations my friend, you have been cursed with the plight of 'Resting Bitch Face'. There's nothing wrong with having Resting Bitch Face, in fact, some might think it's a benefit (think Tyra Banks or Zoolander poses in photographs). However, having this syndrome comes with its problems, and here they are:

1) You're Bombarded With Questions Of 'Are You Okay' all the time.

I'm fine, I promise, my face just looks like this. I swear I'm not upset about anything. Leave me alone.

2) People Constantly Think You're Judging Them.

Oh no, sorry I wasn't looking at you strangely. I was just .. looking at you? No judgement here I promise!

3) People Tell You To Smile More.

Why should I? You don't walk around smiling for no reason do you?

4) People Tell You To Cheer Up.

I AM CHEERED UP! Look at me! The most cheeriest of people. My face just fails to portray that!

5) People Don't Know If You're Serious or Joking.

Constantly having to tell people that there was a punch line in there and that I'm not actually a bitch is frustrating.

6) People Constantly Hugging You Because They Think You're Upset.


7) People Judge You.

When you first started your job/college course/gym class people were wary of you because they thought you were a bitch. Just because of your face.

8) Strangers Pass Comments.

'Ah cheer up love, it'll never happen.' WHO ARE YOU TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON ME? You don't know that it didn't happen!

9) People Assume You're Bored.

At any family gathering, party or social situation, people think you're bored and then ask you if you're having a good time, or ask you do you want to go home.

10) You Begin To Wonder If Your Face Is Deformed.

Does my face even work properly? Why can't I convey emotions?

11) You Finally Catch Your Reflection And You Begin To Understand.

*Walks past  shop window and catches a glimpse* Ohhhhh right, now I see why people say it. I am a frowny bitch.

12) When You're Actually Upset People Don't Care.

Why is nobody paying attention to me when I genuinely am really sad about the fact that my cat is sick *sob*.

13) Any Official Photographs Of You Look Like Mugshots.

Ah, fabulous. My passport and driving licence photos make me look like a fucking serial killer.

14) You Can Tell Who Your Real Friends Are.

My real friends know when I'm genuinely pissed off, or when I'm just going about my day to day life.

15) Dating Is Hard Because People Think You Hate Them.

No, no, noooooo, I actually fancy you. That was my attempt at flirting!

16) You Won't Get Wrinkles.

Hey, at least this means I won't have crows feet and laughter lines when I'm 50! WIN!

Justine Halpin Mulligan
Article written by
22 year old Sociology and Social Policy student in Trinity College Dublin. Interests include romantic walks to the fridge and anything to do with elephants. Wants to be a TV personality when she grows up.

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