How To Handle An Angry Girlfriend...

Dealing with an angry girlfriend can be tricky. After all, they're not in the most reasonable frame of mind. When you're confronted with a furious female, you can be like a deer caught in headlights and you might struggle to decide on how best to handle this nutjob. Just follow these simple instructions and you'll know how to handle an angry girlfriend the next time she loses her shit.

Stay Calm

When confronted with an angry GF, there's a chemical reaction in our brain that makes us want to engage. Don't do it! Disengage from the aggression, don't get sucked into the irrationality. Consciously remind yourself you must remain calm and try not to take it personally. This feisty femme fatale is mad at a problem, not you. Unless of course you're the problem...


If it's not immediately apparent, assess where the aggression is coming from. Your hysterical homegirl may have a perfectly reasonable explanation for their anger and you can address it accordingly, but if the anger's coming from an irrational place, it's less of a straightforward fix. Whatever it is, identify it.



When your best gal comes at you in a rage, they're expecting you to be on the defensive, they're hoping to engage in a bit of verbal combat. That's why it knocks them aloof when you hit back with sympathy. They thought they'd get confrontation, not understanding. Show that you recognise why they're upset and that'll knock a lot of the wind out of their sails.


Whether it's reasonable or irrational, allow them to get it out of their system. Wait patiently as they scream and shout. Remember that they won't be capable of engaging in a coherent discussion about the problem until they expend all that berserk energy.

Gentle questions

If the berserker doesn't expect understanding, then they definitely don't expect help. Some gentle enquiries into the problem can help to diffuse tensions as they see you're actually willing to make efforts to improve matters.

Time Out

Recognise your enraged sweetheart will need a cooling off period. Just give them some space for a while to let them gain a bit of perspective on the situation without that pesky red mist distorting everything.


Best way to reset the tone. Break that ice with a bit of levity. Depending on the seriousness of the arguments topic, you may even be able to turn the whole big debacle into a hilarious joke and the good times can roll once more. At least, that's the hope.

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