13 Ways To Hide Your Crazy From Boo

13 Ways To Hide Your Crazy From Boo

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with their other half. They're the ones ringing their other half on a night out, texting their Mam to see if they're in bed or checking out free dates for wedding venues. If that's the case you might want to start advising them on how to get a life and stop being such a control freak.

Here are 13 ways for you to hide your crazy from boo so you don't end up like them:

1. Like every single one of their Facebook status and Instagram posts so they know you're always with them

2. Check their followers on Instagram daily and stalk any new ones

3. Tell them about your personal beliefs


4. Tag your other half in engagement photos of strangers on Facebook

5. When they're sleeping check their phone regularly for the updates they don't share on social media

6. Whatsapp them random baby pictures with sayings like "Our future child will be cuter than this"

7. Accuse them of checking out everyone in a 50-mile radius as you walk down street

8. Watch Beyoncés Lemonade 24/7 and carry around a baseball bat


9. Telling your significant other how to dress at all times

10. Repeatedly call them when they don't text you back after 60 seconds

11. Write a ballad about them and perform it during the most inappropriate time

12. When they mention someone new, remember to ask them a million questions about the person so they know you're interested in their pool of friends

13. Say things like "you're dead to me" when they forget to order your garlic dip from Dominos

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