7 Reasons You Should Stay Single During Your 20s

7 Reasons You Should Stay Single During Your 20s

For most people, the idea of being single forever, or even for a significant amount of time, drives fear deep into their hearts. If you're in a relationship and having second doubts this article might be for you but if you're dying to jump on the relationship bandwagon then it might be time to start thinking about these seven reasons why you shouldn't:

1) The Craic When You're Single Is Mighty

Your first year in college is about finding yourself, meeting new people and trying to take yourself out of your comfort zone. You don't need the distractions of another half and how spontaneous can you be in a relationship?

2) A New Friend With Benefits Is Just Around The Corner

Your early twenties are a time for experimentation, well, all life is an experiment but during your early 20s it's a lot more fun. If you're not prone to becoming emotionally attached during or post-sex then have fun and be safe in and out of the bedroom.

3) Learn About Yourself


It's much easier said than done but if you can't love yourself then how they hell you gonna love somebody else? Learn how to Netflix and chill alone. Learn what annoys you and what makes you double up with laughter. Learn about the things that piss you off and what motivates you. It's all about you.

4) Travel As Much As You Can

A wiser person always says traveling broadens the mind and they weren't saying it for any old reason. If your other half doesn't want to travel then it might set you back and you'll have regrets in your later 20s. Ain't nobody needs regrets.

5) You Only Have To Worry About Number One

You haven't showered in two days and it doesn't matter, only you and the person sitting beside you on the bus knows.  You're the only person disgusting yourself. Going on a random all night bender? Nobody cares but you.


6) Saying "No" Is Fun

When it comes to your friends you can say no to an event or social occasion that sounds soul destroying but when you're in a relationship you're morally obliged to give a yes. The art of saying no is a gift and only you can bestow it upon yourself.

7) It's Time To Be Selfish

Throughout your life you're probably going to put others needs before your own - elderly parents, kids, a husband or wife and whoever else needs a helping hand. Take a step back and be as selfish as you need to be. It's your time to shine and grab life by the balls.

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