Rise and Shine... How To Wake Up Early and Succeed In Life

Most successful people are early risers. Think of Tiger Woods and Donald Trump. One reason why waking up early is correlated with success is that you get more work done in the morning. That's one benefit of waking up early.

But how do you build the habit of waking up early without feeling like a mess in the morning? Especially if you're a night owl? This post will give you 11 powerful tips to become an early riser within 30 days


1. Wake Up At The Same Time Daily.

You'll become an early riser by waking up at the exact same time for 30 days on. You'll be less likely to sleep in and might even wake up right before your alarm goes off.



2. Set Your Alarm.

Use something loud, but not annoying. I use the alarm on my cellular phone (off at night) because I don't like music, a radio or a buzzer. Use whatever works for you. Put your alarm out of arm reach so you can't hit the snooze to sleep in. You must have to get out of bed to stop your alarm.


3. Jump Out of Bed When Your Alarm Goes Off.

The longer it takes you to get up, the more likely you'll try to sleep in. And hitting the snooze to lay in your bed longer only makes it harder. Get up the first time your alarm goes off.



4. Get Light Exposure.

Light stimulates dopamine production which increases energy, motivation & productivity. Lack of light causes winter blues & tiredness. Unfortunately home/office lights aren't bright enough. You need sunlight.



5. Have a Reason To Wake Up Early.

Use your extra time in the morning to do things that matter. Not for surfing the Internet or doing other tasks that won't make a difference in the long-term.


6. Write Your Goals Daily.

Most people don't have goals. And those who set some forget about them within weeks. By writing down your goals daily, you'll never forget them and they'll be your reason for waking up early.



7. Build a Morning Ritual.

This daily routine will get you strong for your day by setting the right context and is your reason to wake up early.



8. Commit For 30 Days.

It takes about 30 days to build a new habit. Commit yourself to wake up at the exact same time for at least 30 days — weekends included. Consistency is the only way to build a habit.


9. Go To Bed When You're Sleepy.

How much sleep you need depends on your activity levels, sleep quality, diet, ... But you'll most likely need 8h sleep/night on average. Which means some days 6h, some days 9h.



10. Get Quality Sleep.

Deep sleep & REM are quality sleep. You'll wake up more easily, need less sleep and have more energy if you have uninterrupted, quality sleep.



11. Don't Believe The Myths.

I always thought I was an evening person.  Then I started to wake up earlier to go the gym, but anything before 8AM was still killing me. There's no such thing as a "morning" or "night person". Human bodies can adapt to anything. You just have to consistently get used to waking up early.


Start tomorrow. Don't deviate. You'll become an early riser within 30 days.


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