Identical Version Of Kylie's Lip Kit- For Just $6!!!

Were you devastated you didn't manage to get your hands on some of Kylie Jenner's sold out lip kits? Well stop, breathe- and let it go. Make up artist and YouTuber Stephanie Nicole tested out the latest version of the hugely popular lipkits, and found them to be a lacklustre version of the original lipkits. While the first round were creamier and almosy mousse like on the lips, the new ones are a more watery consistancy and the colours don't quite match up.


For those asking about my swatches. Here you go in natural light. The new is way more purple/pink

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However, there is some good news. Nicole discovered an almost identical dupe for the original lipkit, with even its ingredients mirroring that of the first and best lipkit. While a lipkit by Kylie will set you back almost $30 BEFORE tax and shipping this carbon copy retails for only $6!!


For reference COLOR KEY: Yellow - Same ingredient, same order in formula. Blue - Same ingredient, different order in formula. Purple - Same pigments, different order (pigments are not required to be in order). Please note, this is the updated ColourPop formula. Not the first launch (any color outside their first launch is new formula) Not all ColourPop's ultra mattes have been reformulated yet. According to them, they hope to do it in time. So don't try & compare your first launch to the new Lip Kits...or the first launch lip kits. They are not the same. ADD: also, to be clear, the ingredients do need to be listed in order of highest concentration, to its least. The order does matter in a formula. Even if the ingredients are identical, if they are in a completely different order they won't wear the same. The bulk of the formula, the first several ingredients, are the same, same order. What follows isn't enough to significantly change the wear compared to the new ColourPop Ultra Mattes

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The cheaper liquid lipstick is from a brand called 'Colour Pop' and can be bought easily in the US or online. You're welcome- Happy shopping girls!!



I'm going to try & make this my last post about these, & then move on. This is the original lip kit launch, the new formula/packaging & then ColourPop Ultra Matte UPDATED formula. In my opinion, it feels they changed manufacturing. To me, it feels the first batch was made elsewhere, then moved to Spatz. I have zero proof of that. Just my feeling. The only updated ones are the new shades not originally launched in the first 30 shades or so. So again, you can't compare them if it's the original shades, those have not yet been reformulated, according to ColourPop. I put a silver dot on my original, so I didn't confuse them. You can see how much more messy/liquidy the new one is. Again, I should've covered it in the video, besides saying a few times some ingredients are in different order, I had figured since I've covered the order matters in a formula previously, that was known. The first 4 ingredients are the same, same order. That's the bulk of the formula. Then silica is in the same order after. Again, it will SLIGHLTY change the wear, hardly though. Not enough to warrant $16 vs $40, for me anyways, it's clearly your decision. It doesn't change the fact, ColourPop manufactures those same exact ingredients for $6, while turning a profit for their business. So you're not paying for better ingredients, you're paying for the name, like with most brand names. While we hope it's for better quality, it's not always the case. If your "designer" lipstick makes you happy, that's completely cool. You never need a reason to like anything ❤️

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Video: Take Two Review | Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit (Candy K)

Credit: Stephanie Nicole

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