You Know You're At The End Of Term When...


You’re seriously considering dropping out and doing something- ANYTHING- that breaks the mundane routine of trudging into lectures in the lashing rain that feels more like a fully clothed shower than ‘light drizzle’ as predicted by RTE.


After weeks and weeks of having nothing to do, just idly strolling around campus and chatting with friends, you suddenly have the week of doom where EVERYTHING in your various modules are due the SAME WEEK.

Where did they all come from?!



Remember all those assignments you were told all those weeks ago? Back in… week 2? You know… the ones that wouldn't take that long and you had plenty of time to start them so you didn't? Yeah… turns out you completely misjudged the level of work that’s required and oh, look at that. It’s due tomorrow. Happy days.


The sun appears, and with it a heat that would rival that of an African desert, coming out of its once seemingly eternal hibernation, reminding us all that there’s meaning to life. Cue lobster faced ladies and scorched farmer tans.

They look fabulous though. Really.



Just when you’re panicking about all the work you’ve yet to do, all it takes is one glance at your newsfeed and the gloomy pictures of highlighted notes and stacks of textbooks and Revise Wise and this sudden serenity settles over you upon the realisation that you will never, EVER, have to experience the dreaded Leaving Cert ever again. *shudders*


Instead of studying the inverted pyramid or Brecht’s Theatre, you’re planning all these fantastic things to do during the summer. Things like bike riding in Dingle, camping out in Spiddal, breathing in the fresh air at the Cliffs of Moher, volunteering for the local newspaper, strolling down a Parisian boulevard, running for president… things you’ve absolutely no intention of keeping.



You don’t even care what’s in the fridge in your student accommodation. Long gone are your healthy eating days. You’ll probably just order a takeaway anyways. Sure, you’ll start your bikini diet once the exams are finished, right? Well…



You promised yourself that Easter would be THE time, YOUR time, to get all your work done so that you’d breathe easy during your last week of continual assessments. But somehow, and you’re not sure how, you ended up munching through three tonnes of chocolate and a barrel of vodka and weren’t really fit to do anything except lounge around on the couch until the sugar coma ended. Which was, coincidentally, on the bus down to college.


Summer is so close you can almost smell the stench of factor fifty suncream, so who really cares if you miss the odd assessment?



Rebecca Stiffe

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