Leaving Certs React To The Biology Exam

Leaving Certs React To The Biology Exam

With 24 separate chapters to be learned for the Biology exam, it's a pretty heavy exam. Every year teachers struggle to finish the entire course before sending us off into the exam. Photosynthesis, Hormones, Cell division, Genetics, Ecology etc etc etc. It almost seems near impossible to get all the chapters learned off before the exam, never mind the mocks.

The Biology exam consists of three hours where you answer short questions, and long questions on certain topics from the course. Learning off each chapter take buckets of flash cards, and a ridiculous amount of diagrams.

Most people were freaking out before the exam, cursing the SEC for expecting them to know so much.


After Irish Paper 2, Leaving Cert students almost went straight into their next exam with only an hour and a half break, and it seems that most people weren't impressed with what they wrote down, or with any of the questions that were put up.



With all the Leaving Certs at their wits end by this stage, one thing is for sure, these tweets are just getting better and better!

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