Life After College: The 7 Steps Everyone Goes Through

Life After College: The 7 Steps Everyone Goes Through

With final exams fast approaching, it's the beginning of the end...

Seriously though, life after college isn't quite the same. Don't think you're any different to the millions who have gone before you because everyone goes through the 'Post College Grief Cycle', it's like leaving school except this time your life is well and truly over... No more fun, ever!

Oh my God It's Over

Otherwise known as shock... this hits around the end of exams, it's a sort of mixture of thank god it's over and oh fuck what am I supposed to do with an Arts degree (providing you pass your exams of course).


It Can't Be Over Can It?

The Denial stage, it's over, the best four years of your life are actually over and now all you're doing is twiddling your thumbs sitting at home wishing you went to Ios or Thailand. Oh yeh but your mum made you get an internship in her mates accountancy firm...


Is It Really Over?

Confused about it all? You're not alone... What about doing a masters in digital marketing, Seems like everyone is doing it right? And everyone needs a social media person, sitting on Facebook all day being funny and cool... I could do that. But wait, a masters in Facebook and Twitter is going to cost me how much? Back to the drawing board.



It's Fucking Over...

You become angry and bitter, resentful towards friends who are out in the world doing adventurous things, maybe it's time to drop everything and leave? Nah, you'll probably just sit around and continue to mope until PWC come calling... They never do.

angry panda

It's Over... :(

You've finally accepted it. After a year of sitting around scratching yourself you've come to the realisation that you need to start doing something. After you realise this another few months will pass before you actually decide that you're fully ready to do something... First of all, getting off the couch is goal number one.


Where Are All My Friends Gone?

Forever alone... to eliminate the feeling one must pack up all future prospects and move to New York to work in a bar and grow a beard... Your parents will be proud.


Sigh... Time To Get A Job In KPMG

The realisation that life won't get better soon sets in. Stop dreaming of that hipster lifestyle in Williamsburg or the backpacker trip around Australia it's time to grow up and work for the man in KPMG or PWC or some other place with letters for a name... Welcome to the Matrix.

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