4 Life Hacks For Lads Looking To Tidy Themselves Up In A Hurry

4 Life Hacks For Lads Looking To Tidy Themselves Up In A Hurry

We all have to deal with jam-packed schedules, and sometimes that means that we neglect the little things. You may find that on your way out the door for the night that you have to tidy yourself up a bit, but you're tight for time.

Here are four tips that will allow you to get ready in a hurry – and arrive at the pub looking at the very least, half-presentable.

1. Shine your shoes with banana peel

Heading out with scuffed shoes is a major faux pas. You can be in your best clothes, but scruffy shoes will undo all of that and make you look like a grotty churl.

To shine your shoes in a hurry wipe the dust off them, give them a quick rub with the inside of a banana peel and then buff them with a cloth.

Boom, instant shine.




2. Get creases out of your shirt with shower steam

Ironing a shirt is a time consuming ordeal. You can skip it by hanging  your shirt up in the bathroom as you shower. The steam from the shower will cause the creases to fall our of the shirt, so when you dry it off and button up you'll look spic and span.


3. Chill your beer quickly with a wet towel

You could drink warm beers at the sesh, like some manner of feral beast. Or you could wrap them in wet kitchen roll and pop them in the freezer for about 15 min. When you take them out they should be nicely chilled.



4. And use a touch of shampoo to clean your shirt collars

You grabbed a shirt and just as you go to put it on you notice a grubby ring around the neck from when you last wore it. Solve this by applying a touch of shampoo and scrubbing the two sides of the collar together.

Rinse it off,  leave it to dry, and there you go; the stain has been banished.


Got any more tips? Let us know!

Kyle Mulholland

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