A Few Life Hacks To Make College Life Easier

You need to implement some of these to your College Life immediately.

Turn your coffee maker into a hot dog stand

You don’t need clean clothes when you have cold beer. 


Use a tennis racket as a strainer

Hide your notes under your stockings.


Get fancy and creative with plastic wine glasses.

Build a hot tub in your room.


Make plenty of room for activities.

Stay hydrated.


The old chair-turned-into-a-desk trick.

Be opportunistic with water features.


Irons should be used properly.

… as with computer accessories.


Kitchen utensils should always be improvised.

Tests are based on how sneaky you are.


Use hangers as curtain hooks. You don’t hang your clothes anyway.

The college christmas tree.


Travel in packs.


Heat a pan with your iron and use it to iron your shirt. 

Beats by Mr. Clean


Heineken light fixtures are a centerpiece for your dorm.

Waterproof your phone with all the condoms you’re not using.


Don’t chop your food the hard way, chop your food the totally unsafe but faster way. 

And of course, no college dorm would be complete without BCSH.

Thanks BroMyGod

Sarah Power
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