Little Things That Have No Right To Piss You Off But Do.

Someone stealing "YOUR" parking space

Fair enough if it's in your drive way but survival of the fittest, you snooze you lose, and all that....

People throwing rubbish away

It's their choice...they'll get caught eventually, why is your blood pressure rising over it?

People throwing cigarette butts away..


It's not everywhere there's an ashtray...and you don't want to be setting your pockets on fire. Not as big a deal as people make it out to be...if I see a bin I'll put it out and duly drop it in. If I don't I'm not going to stick the but in my pocket or hold onto it for later..I'm sorry but nothing you say will change that.

Drivers who stick to the speed limit...

The bane of many drivers lives..for keeping within the law.

Wifi not working..


A true first world problem...


One of the 21st century's more irritating fads, but it shouldn't annoy us...

People taking loud on Public Transport..


People who are too nice..

People walking really slowly..

Maybe you're just walking too fast..


People stopping in the middle of the street...

Ninja like awareness is needed to predict their movement.

Boy racers..

They're just boys with toys..


One for the guys... someone taking a leak next to you when there's a free urinal somewhere else...

Public stations such as train or bus stations charging 20/30c to use the jacks...

Yup...I'll be hopping the barrier when I can...

Charging kids as adults on transport systems from the age of 12 on (different for different companies)  yet refusing to serve them alcohol and cigarettes. Double standards..


Stepping in dog sh!t...

Should've had your wits about you..don't blame the owner...blame yourself.

Internet trolls...

...if they pissed you off, they've done their job!


People who are brilliant at everything..


Look at them and their soppy ways...ugghhh


How pretentious our coffee industry has become..remember just plain old milky coffee??...Cafe au lait...latte No? OK then...

Having to wait for assistance at self service machines when buying alcohol...even though you knew you'd need clearance from an employee first..

People using iPads to take photos...

Charity fundraisers..

Get. Out. Of. My. Face. I'm. In. A. Hurry!! You mutter to yourself as they try to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

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Colin O'Dwyer
Article written by
Media graduate, music nut, musician and connoisseur of the skinny jean. Would've made a better Batman than Affleck!!

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