Make The Most Of Your Sunny Weekend

So as you can probably tell it's pretty much unbelievably hot outside, so hot that even Met Eireann, who are notoriously always wrong have issued an orange weather warning. Something we've never experienced before in Ireland, apparently it means we'll all melt if we stay out too long. It's well known however that this heatwave isn't going to last much longer so here's some tips for making the most out of what promises to be one of the hjottest weekends on record.

Go Drinking

Although most experts don't recommend drinking alcohol and sitting out in the sun all day, there is nothing better than sitting in a nice beer garden have a few ice cold pints. Bulmers or Heineken whatever your drink of choice here's a list of  '8 Of The Best Beer Gardens In Dublin'. Leave your house or work and venture into one of these nice spots.

Hit The Beach

Although the sun seems to attract multitudes of the most deplorable characters known to Irish Society to the beach, it can still be one of the most enjoyable experiences. Try and look for a nice secluded area with some clean water (if you can find it) and watch out for scenes like these.



Go On A Road Trip

If you aren't a big fan of the Beaches around your area, or your just bored of the place in general, take a road trip with some mates and take in everything Ireland has to offer. Why not venture to the nice beaches along the east coast or to the scenic West coast for a surf, there's plenty to do besides going for a pint.


Go Fishing

An old past time and great for passing a bit of time with friends, and you can participate while drinking which is always a plus. If you know someone with a boat commandeer it and take to the sea. If you don't, rent one and a few rods or a net and catch yourself some fish.


Have A BBQ

Probably the best summer past time ever, few tinnies, few steaks, or even the fish you caught earlier that day. The ultimate social activity.

Ultimate BBQ tip:  Drunk Beer Butt Chicken!

Crack open pen a beer can, take a few swigs and then stuff it into a whole chicken, the beer evaporates and flavours the chicken. Serve with a side of more beer.

Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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