Penneys Have Released Disney Villain Phonecases And They're Only €3

Penneys Have Released Disney Villain Phonecases And They're Only €3

Every week Penneys introduces another piece of merch to our lives and this week nothing changes.

Just when you thought you had Disney everything, Penneys has launched a range of phone cases that will melt your wicked heart.

The collection includes an Evil Queen and Ursula cover. Ursula's cover including the relatable tagline "When you accidentally hit the front - facing camera". If you're more a princess than a badass, you can get your hands on a Belle from Beauty and the Beast and a Sleeping Beauty case. The Belle case includes a favourite Dublin saying "give us a belle".

If none of those tickle your fancy, the range also includes a Mary Poppins phone cover to add to the already bustling MP collection. Sadly, the cases only fit iPhones 6, 7 and 8 and aren't compatible with Samsung devices.

Fingers crossed a Maleficent case is added soon, after all, she is the ultimate Disney villain of them all. The phone cases are available in stores nationwide but be quick my pretties, the cases are limited edition.


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