People Are Apparently Shocked At The Secret Behind McDonalds' Onions

People Are Apparently Shocked At The Secret Behind McDonalds' Onions

You don't have to have worked the grill in a fast food restaurant to know the reasons behind why certain establishments are described as 'fast food'.

You order off a set menu and, five to ten minutes later, your food is ready to be demolished. Places like McDonalds and Burger King buy stock in bulk and utilise the quickest methods possible in order to get food into their customer's hands.

However, thanks to TikTok user @austin.martinn, the wider public have gotten a firsthand look at how McDonalds prepare their onions.

People are apparently shocked that McDonalds would use dehydrated onions in their food.

McDonalds employ a process in their onions which means they're delivered dry and evenly cut. Once opened, they're poured out of their bag and into a container, into which cold water is filled. This process is designed to rehydrate the onions.

After leaving it to soak for an hour to rehydrate, the worker gets rid of any excess water and the onions are ready to go.


People in the comments section of the video are equally taken aback as they are completely unimpressed by this fairly standard practice.

It showcases an insight into the background of your favourite fast food, without ever needing to don a McDonalds uniform.

Are you shocked? Are you surprised? Are you never willing to touch a McDonalds onion again?

Or, are you completely unfazed?

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