The Pros And Cons Of A Long Distance Relationship This Summer

Typical, you found love during the semester but now Summer's hit and you've realised that the Cork to Carlow transport line isn't as direct as you might think, well I present to you the bright and dark sides to this Summer time conundrum.


1. No shaving, ANYWHERE

During the summer months we girls return to our cavemen origins. Every region of the body is left to flourish so if you decide on a surprise visit guys prepare to dig for your treasure!

2. More girls nights out

A Summer without the love of your life means one thing – nights with the single sisters! Shots, snaps and holding each others’ hair back. You stay classy gals!

3. Mammy’s dinners.

You may not be having frequent sex anymore but at least you don’t have to make your own dinner. Let mother dearest roll out the roast chicken and casseroles as Dominoes wonder what’s happened to their most loyal customer.

4. Shag-fest reunion.

Finally, when you do get the chance to reunite it’s an absolute shag-fest. You have 24 hours to use every single last condom you can lay your hands on without being heard by the folks. The stamina of a rabbit and the stealth of a ninja.


5. No sex.

Self-explanatory really, it’s a dry season folks.

6. Cuddle Free Zones.

No longer is your bed shared by your betrothed and its back to the single bed in the country! Spooning is non existent and you now wear socks to bed!

7. The Slaggin’.

With every forlorn look and bored afternoon somebody will pass comment on how lonely you must be. Never fear, your father will appear from around a corner and question the extent of your heartbreak with a mixture of sarcasm and indifference.

8. Rom-Com-itis.

You can no longer watch a rom-com without relating to it in some nature. A final warning: Stay clear of The Notebook, unless you want to drown in your own tears. Bridget Jones, she's your woman!

Fiona Delaney

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