School Life V College Life

You're 18. The same age, the same person but we all know that there is a massive difference between being a School Senior and being in your first year of college. What ever happens over the summer of freedom is soon forgotten as you enter the first and hopefully best few years of your young life. So what are the main difference between being an School Senior and a fresher and beginning college life?

1) No freedom/ So much freedom you don't know what to do with it all

Mammy no more. For the first time in your life you've only got yourself to figure things out. Like what will you spend your time doing all day? To college or not to college? Spending entire days watching netflix series suddenly seems like an okay way to spend a day.

2)Having to ask to go to the bathroom/Stealing toilet paper from university

In school you needed permission to use the bathroom, in college the bathroom becomes a place where you pick up your weekly supply of toliet paper.


3) Having a packed lunch/Living off chicken fillet rolls

No more mammy to make your lunch now. You've got to fend for yourself and by fend for yourself I mean go to your local centra for a chicken roll. Repeat after me - 'mayo, plain chicken, tomato, cheese and lettuce please '

4) Doing Homework/Cramming every assignment the day before

Homework- the steady flow of pen biting madness we all had to put up with is a thing of the past - distant dates for assignments are


5) Calling your teacher Ms or Sir/ Not contacting a single lecturer for the entire year

Lecturers give their email addresses out so that at the end of the year you can email and find out what you were actually suppose to be doing for the past year.  Long gone are the days where you might have actually asked questions in class..

6) Wearing a uniform/Attempting to find any clean clothes at all

Suddenly laundry becomes a thing you have to think about in college. Remember the days when clean clothes just landed in your room all folded and ironed. Yeah me neither.


7) Having a pencil case, a protractor, ruler, full set of colouring pencils/Owning a bic biro and a laptop.

Depending on the course the majority of you can get through lectures with a 55c Bic biro,a couple sheets of refill pad and your trusty laptop. Long gone are the days where you needed actual a whole pencil case.

8) Only being allowed out once a month /being so broke you're looking for excuses not to go out

9) Being exited about having hickeys / feeling a bit skanky about how many love bites you have


10) Having a fake I.D/ Being delighted every time your asked for I.D

11) Having your own room/Having to share a room with a complete stranger

This is make or break when your a fresher. Whether in dorms, digs or just renting getting the right kind of roommate is vital.



Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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