Sh*T Only Short Guys Will Understand

We've all heard before how girls only like guys that are tall, dark and handsome. In reality, you only really need to be tall and decent enough for a girl to like you. For smaller guys, we get the short end of the stick (pun intended) when it comes to girls. There are some positive's but it can be shit being a small guy.

15) Being called "cute" by a girl

There is nothing worse when you think a girl likes you, and they call you cute. It basically means she likes you, but not in that way. and you'll spend the rest of your day with her in the friend zone. For some reason guys that are a bit taller are instantly classed as a hot or handsome.

14) People still think you're really young

"What age are you like 16?" it's kind of embarrassing when you have to tell them that you're really 23. It can work out in your favor though, because you can always tell a girl you are younger than you really are and they will believe you.


13) Not being able to reach shit

If anything is even remotely high you have to get a ladder or a stool to reach it. Either that or you get someone taller to get it for you. There is always that one thing up on the high shelf that you just can't reach.

12) Posing in photos with tall people is awkward

If it's not bad enough being small around tall people but then when you have to take a picture next to a tall person it's even worse. When you're close to a tall person it accentuates how small you really are.


11) You're the tallest in the family

Odds are that if you're a small guy you come from a small family. Your parents are both small and so is your brother or sister, being the tallest in your family is the only thing that makes you feel tall.

10) Not being able to see shit at concerts

Half way through a concert you realise that you can't even see the band and the sound is kind off muffled because your so low down. You have to step on your tippy toes to even to get a glimpse of anything.


9) Your t-shirt size is still small

When you're in a clothes shop and someone asks for your size you mumble "small" because you don't want anyone to hear. It's kind of embarrassing that at this age, you're still a small. At least you know that your size won't be running out of stock anytime soon.

8) You still wear some of your brother's hand-me-down

There are still a few clothes in your closet that belonged to your brother. They used to be too big for you, but now they're just right. Usually they're horribly out of fashion and scream 90's clothing.


7) You still get asked "why are you so small"

It's as if I chose to be small before I came to earth instead of being tall. If I had my way I would be much taller, but not so tall that I would get slagged for being tall. Id say around 6 foot, just tall enough that I won't be seen as the short guy.

6) Girls think that we overcompensate for everything

People always think that we are overcompensating for our height. If we were that embarrassed about our height we would wear shoes with platforms.


5) Just because we're small doesn't mean we're small down there

Height doesn't effect the private areas, so girls shouldn't get the idea that we have small parts. If anything, it's more embarrassing when a tall guy has a small one because girls expect it too be big.

4) We don't need as much leg room

On airplanes we don't need as much leg room which is a huge plus because tall people have to put their knees up against the back of your seat because their legs are so long, which would suck.


3) Girl's complaining about looking at their boobs even though they're at eye level

I actually have to look up to look at your face so don't give me shit for looking at your boobs. Tall people always have to look down anyway, so at least us short guys have the choice of looking either way.

 2) Standing beside a tall girl is embarrassing

Everything is grand when you're sitting down, but when you have to stand, things can get really awkward. When there is that one really tall girl you do your best not to stand near them.

1) You feel like a giant when you stand next to a small girl until a tall guy comes along.

This is your one chance to actually feel in some way tall, anytime that you're next to a girl that's  5'2" you feel like a giant even though you're only marginally taller then her, for that moment you actually feel on top of the world. Then everything is destroyed when that really tall guy makes you feel like an elf.


Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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