Sh*tty Summer Jobs We've All Had

Every summer whether you're  in school or college, getting a job for the summer is your top priority. Thankfully,they are only for the summer because after a couple of weeks the summer really starts to drag. Here are the shitty summer jobs we've all had.

19) Fast food restaurants

There always, packed and there is a chance that one of your friends could see you working there. The money isn't great either and it will make you hate fast food.

18) Sales Rep

It is paid by commission and you would be lucky if you even make one sale. You have to wear a suit as well, which doesn't help on those warm summer days.


17) Fund-raising

If you're easily embarrassed this is definitely not the one for you. Having to either go door-to-door or stopping people on the street looking like an idiot are not great options. Oh, yeah, and everyone ends up  hating you.

16) Babysitting

This is all depends on the kid and whether or not you can just put on a movie and it's grand or do they do everything in their power to make your night a nightmare.


15) Waiting Tables

This one is cruel because it mixes the always being polite from retail with the physical requirements of bar work. Also, since it's Ireland the tips are fairly non existent.

 14) Bar Work

Working till 3 in the morning clearing out the storeroom isn't any craic at all. The worst part is that you don't even get paid extra to deal with that crap.


13) Cleaning Toilets

There are always plenty of places to be cleaned and if you are really desperate you can do it. Money is money I suppose.

12) Dog Walker

If you have a neighbour who needs someone to walk their dog and are offering a bit of money then it's not the worst choice. Except when you have to clean up after the dog and getting harassed by other dogs.


11) Promotional Work

You need high energy for this and it wears on you after a whileIt's not much fun promoting a product that no one will try because it tastes like shit.

10) Busking

It's not a summer job, but you can make a few bob if you're in the right place and play the right tunes. A bad day is really bad though, when you're stuck down the end of an alley playing to a couple of junkies.


9) Working on the farm

You have an Uncle that owns  a farm and needs a spare hand to help out. It is physically demanding and you're covered in cow manure by the end of the day.

8) Shop assistant

If its your local shop it can be handy that it's so near to you. The problem is though, that because it's a summer job you just work with stock and are never anywhere near the till.


7) Hotel Staff

Working in a hotel for the summer means you have to do every odd job there is. Taking the bags, cleaning the rooms and of course dealing with the snotty guests.

6) Security Guard

Every place needs  some type of security, so they hire someone to sit and watch the car park. Trying to fight boredom is the real problem because there is nothing good on TV at 3am.


5) Telemarketing

There is a reason people don't have house phones anymore , because of telemarketers. This is another one paid on commission and that requires the ability to be able to sell useless crap to people that they don't need.

 4)  Creche

What is the best way to nurse a hangover, working with screaming children all day long and having to organise activities for them ,  sounds like a jolly old time.


3) Kitchen Porter

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well you have to stay in there and help prepare the dishes and clean every plate afterwards. It can be messy working with food and you will get in shit if you mess up.

2) Holding Signs

It's such an important job to direct people to restaurants and hairdressers on Grafton street. Similar to being a security guard, fighting boredom is the main struggle.

1) Office Work

When you're working in an office over the summer you're basically the officer caddy. You do all the little jobs like getting lunches, shredding useless paper and filing. The worst part is that your boss asks you to work over the weekend when you do absolutely nothing of note anyway during the week.

Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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