Signs Your Lecturer Is A D*ck

Everybody has a lecturer they hate and everybody has a lecturer that hates them. Sometimes you feel picked on by lecturers but here are the tell tale signs that he or she actually hates you.

1. He takes forever to answer your questions, if at all.

2. He stares. You are on constant watch and every move you make is judged. 

3. He sighs when you ask a question.

4. He gives you a cheeky smile when handing you back an assignmet you failed.

5. He gives you old cold shoulder.


6. No sympathy. You are struggling with the work load or having problem outside of school, they just don't give a Shit.

7. The F-mumbles..

When he asked a question to the class and you get it right, you think you are in with a chance to earn some brownie points but they' re just pissed of you got it right. 'Fuc...little chi…ucker...' Does it ring a bell?

8. He never has time for you..


You may try to grap a quick word with your teacher outside of class but they never stop walking or just completely blank you

9. They hold a banana gun to your head.

10. He flips his nut when say 'What?'.

11. Your assignment is handed back with dick doodles.

12. He flirts With your GF.

13. He doesn't let you bring your dog to class, even when Fido plays by the rules.


Chris Duff

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