11 Signs That Your Co-Worker Fancies You

You slog away during the week after lectures/at weekends, pouring coffee/serving food/pulling pints/generally assisting ungrateful people all just to earn shit money to sustain your social life. It's a tough aul situation. But what about when a beautiful new person starts working with you? Your part-time job is no longer just a six-hour shift to crawl through, but six hours of pure bliss in which the exchanging of flirty banter is always possible. Unsure if your work crush fancies you back? We've all been there, and here are a few sure-fire signs that your co-worker is dying for the shift.

1. They Find Excuses To Touch You

Do they put their hand on the small of your back as they brush past you even though there's LOADS of space? Or they try the old brush-a-random-hair-out-of-your-face trick? Please. They're dying for the ride. When they linger with body contact for longer than necessary, it's pretty obvious.


2. They're Always Around

Do they seem to just magically always be in the kitchen making tea when you are? Do your smoke breaks seems to have lined up to the exact same time all by themselves? This co-worker obviously enjoys your company and likes talking to you. Which means they also want to bang you.



3. You Talk About Life Outside Work

"So you go there with your boyfriend or whoever?" They wanna get the deets on what you like, where you go on the weekend and ultimately if you're unattached. Because they fancy you, duh.


4. Body Language

Do they face you as much as possible or are they usually turned away from you? A big smile the moment they see you is a dead giveaway: obvs they're happy to see you. If they keep direct eye contact the whole time you guys are speaking, well then you're obviously captivating their attention. Body language speaks volumes.



5. They Stay Late Or Asks You To Stay With Them

"Hey, when you're done up here pop down and I'll make you one of my signature cocktails." Are you fucking serious?!


6. You Talk Outside Of Work

Have you guys swapped numbers? If that was their idea then that's a huge sign that they like you. If they text or call you with no real excuse to talk to you (usually they use a work-related issue) just think - why would you bother talking to someone outside of work if you didn't like them? No.



7. They Remember Random Stuff You Told Them

"French Vanilla with milk and sugar right?" If they remember your coffee order after the first time, or a story you told them about your pet cat from when you were 7 years old, and they reference it weeks later, then they weren't only paying attention but they were thinking about it afterward.

8. You Have Private Jokes

You guys are always laughing about "that time when.." and stories that none of your other co-workers would "get." Just go and bang already.



9. They Compliment You

They could be a sleazy sleazeball who just wants to get into your pants. Or they could fancy the arse off you. Work this one out for yourself, you should know the difference. (Hint: If they wink at you and say "nice" to your tits then they're just dickheads, and if it's more along the lines of "your eyes are gorgeous" then you're in there.)


10. He Invites You To Get Together Outside Work

They want to get to know you outside of the restricted work environment, and hopefully a few pints will loosen everyone up and they can make their move.


11.  You Hear From Other Co-Workers

The most obvious sign. People aren't blind or stupid and usually in a work environment, situations are heightened because you all HAVE to be there. People watch. And whisper. So if whispers get back to you that someone has a little crush on you, you can pretty much bank on it being true.



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