Signs Your Girlfriend's Dad Hates You

Dads and their daughters, daughters and their Dad's, there's a bond that you just don't want to try and jump straight into the middle of, as it will more than likely end in disaster. Look its plain and simple, until you can provide the life that not only the dad envisages for his daughter, and match his own idea of what his princesses prince charming should be...basically him..then it will take along time until you settle into his good books. She will always be his angel who you are corrupting, in every way...the most you can ever really hope for is for him to  just about tolerate you.. he views you as a predator because she'll always be his little girl...


He gets extremely sarcastic with you but no one else...


He won't even let you in the same room with her alone when he's in your presence..



To the extent that he always wants to be right there with the two of you...



He says you're not her type...


and compares you to other boyfriends, who he also conveniently didn't like but who still just happen to be better than you....the reality being he just wants a younger version of himself for her..



He compares you to well known delinquents..



He tells you "she's out of your league boy"... and "she's going places and you need to back out right now"...


He tells you you have no future together...




He blames you for his angel wearing skimpy clothes going out..


You tried to charm the mother and he holds that against you too...



He gets overly aggressive, even when messing with you..




He knows he makes you nervous and takes advantage of this..



You mates have heard him down the local openly taking the piss out of you..



He over reacts when you take a beer or borrow some whiskey when he's not around..


He constantly either says or in some other way communicates the words...


But be safe in the knowledge that he's really just afraid of losing his little girl..

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Colin O'Dwyer
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Media graduate, music nut, musician and connoisseur of the skinny jean. Would've made a better Batman than Affleck!!

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