7 Signs You're The Clingy One In The Relationship

7 Signs You're The Clingy One In The Relationship

There's always one person who's more clingy than the other in a relationship – fact. Although the signs you're clingy may be subtle, there are a few ways to tell if you're that person in your relationship.

With everything from texting too much to craving their attention all the time, there are a few ways to see if it's you or not. Bear in mind, all relationships are different but sometimes it's important to see the signs.

1. You're always the first one to text

If you send follow-up texts asking them why they aren't replying, this also isn't good. Give them some space for God sake.

2. You find it hard to sleep in your own bed

Sleeping in the same bed every night is not a good habit to get into. You can become reliant on the person so much that you can't sleep in your own bed.


3. You hate when your boyfriend/girlfriend goes out without you

This is a sure-tell sign if you're a clinger. It's so important to have your own friends when you're going out with someone. Give them space, they're allowed to go out without you.

4. You never disagree with your partner

You should be able to stay true to yourself even if you're in a relationship. If you've always had strong opinions about something and all of a sudden are starting to think like your boyfriend or girlfriend you should take a step back. Losing yourself in a relationship is one of the worst things you can do. Stay true to yourself that's one of the main reasons your partner got with you in the first place.


5. You get anxious if they don't text you back straight away

Just because they haven't texted back within 5 minutes doesn't mean they're ignoring you. Life gets in the way sometimes as well as the fact not everyone is glued to their phone.

6. You wait outside their house to see if they're there

Okay, this one for some comedic relief, if you actually do this you're a full-on stalker.

7. You crave attention from them all the time

Asking them to look at you doing a cartwheel for the third time can get super annoying. As much as it may pain you, take a step back and let them come to you. Don't you know everyone loves someone who's hard to get?

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