Six of the Best Dads of All Time

We’ve all despaired with our Dads, but at least not too many of us have had to compete with them in terms of coolness. Here are six of the Dads giving their children a run for their money…


This Dad, who moved to Tokyo, but packed his sense of humour, and took a selfie of the view from his apartment for his kids.


This Dad, who shaved a leg to show his daughter how it’s done.



Or this one, who just wanted to highlight to his daughter how stupid her Miley Cyrus hot pants made her look.


Or Bat Dad, who’s been telling his kids off in style.



This Dad, who promised his daughters a puppy, for all their help in securing him his promotion, and actually got them one.


This Astronaut, who was the last person to walk on the moon, and carved his daughter’s initials into its surface. His voice was also sampled on the last Daft Punk album.


Or finally, this Dad, who videoed his son for a second a day, from birth until his first birthday.


Julia O' Mahony

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