The Skint Girl’s Guide to Going Out

Going out is fun, but so is having money. How do you get a good buzz going without breaking the bank? Consider these 10 tips if you're a skint girl looking for a fun night out.

1. Bargain shop for cute clothing.

As much as I would love to buy a 50 euro dress, I know I can find something just as cute for much less. This is especially true since partying can get messy. Why spend 40 euros on jeans if you are just going to spill Jack and Coke all over them?

2. Consider swapping clothes with your friends.

Swapping clothing with your friends prior to going out will ensure that you constantly have new, exciting things to wear. You can wear your friend's adorable booties, and she can use the purse she's been eyeing in your closet for weeks.

 3. Eat a good meal prior to going out.

I know this sounds kind of counterproductive (after all, food absorbs alcohol), but bear with me. I always get the post-night-out munchies. If you eat a good meal, you'll be less likely to splurge on pizza during the night.

4. Figure out how you're getting home.

If you know you'll be walking home with a friend, you won't need to dish money out at the end of the night for a taxi. Plus, this knowing how you'll be getting home is also a good way to stay safe when going out.

5. Pre-drink.

Buy your alcohol and drink it before you go out. You'll get a buzz going and you'll save money- especially if you split the cost of a bottle of tequila with a friend.


6. Cut yourself off.

You're probably more buzzed than you think you are. If you stop buying alcohol, you'll still have a great time, and you pocketbook won't hate you. Plus, it's less likely you'll blackout which means you'll remember all the fun you had.

7. Only bring a small amount of cash out.

If you have a hard time controlling your urge for alcohol, only bring a small amount of cash out with you. You can't spend what you don't bring.

8. Consider making friendly bets to get free drinks.

Betting on who will win a football game or which girl in the club will go to the bathroom first is a fun way to get free drinks from the cute guy you've been flirting with all night. Just make sure not to lose!

9. Do dares with your friends to get drinks.

Every time your friend dares you to do something and you go through with it, make her buy you a drink. And since you're not playing this game with strangers, you won't get in too much trouble.

10. Drink water when you get home.

We all know that the best way to prevent a hangover is to drink lots of water. If you make sure to drink a few glasses when you get home, you'll be less likely to blow your money on greasy cheeseburgers and Ibuprofen the next day.



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Shanell Peterson

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