A New Irish Service Is Exactly What Your Favourite Runners Need

A New Irish Service Is Exactly What Your Favourite Runners Need

A new service is exactly what we need. Have you ever had those classic kicks and runners you adore but they're ruined from that rainy night on the town or your adventures at an outdoor festival? Well, fear no more. This new revolutionary service is everything you need for your kicks.

The Sneaker Cleaner has launched its service over on Instagram for the people of Dublin and has already proven they can restore your favourite white runners back to their glorious beginning. Their Instagram bio includes: "We clean the dog shit off your kicks when you run down to get the milk. We are "The Sneaker Cleaner", which sounds pretty ideal.

The cleaning service began after the founder Kevin Owens, a fifth-year student, took the innovative idea and turned it into a local business:


I started a month ago cause I couldn't get a job because I had no experience so I created a job for myself. We work on a hand collection and delivery service so I'll meet you in town and I'll drop them back to you when there done

The service only uses the cleaning product Sneaker ER, a professional Sneaker cleaning kit which means you get the best finish on your suede, leather, mesh, rubber and other materials. To check out the Sneaker Cleaner Dublin and to book your kicks in for the treatment click here.

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