How To Spot A Trinity Jock

Trinity has an abundance of hipsters, art types, music snobs, computer geeks ect but the one that stands out a lot is the Trinity Jock. They're usually in your face and you need no help spotting them, because they want you to see them. Incase you haven't had an eye test in years here is a helping hand in spoting a Trinity Jock.

1. They have a huge gym bag instead of a school bag

2. His student ID includes a glimpse of his muscles

3. He is wearing a shirt that's too small for him

4. His protein shaker is his best mate

5. He always wears Abercrombie sweats

6. Hangs out on the college green playing football all day


Most likely with his shirt off

7. He walks with his chest puffed out

8. Always has a tub of protein on him



9. Wears shades when it's not sunny and/or indoors



10. He eats in class

"Gotta get the protein when you can"

11. He wears a wife beater to show off his arms

13. Jocks travel in packs so you rarely, if ever, see a lone Trinity Jock

I hope that helps you next time you are in Trinity College


Chris Duff

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