Stop The LIGHTS- You Can Live In DisneyWorld Now!!!

If you have ever been to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld, you will understand that these places are magical. Setting foot in a Disney theme park brings everyone to a very happy place that you never want to leave. So can you imagine- LIVING THERE?!?

Here is Golden Oak, a place where you can now buy a home in one of four neighbourhoods situated inside Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. These homes are absolutely stunning.

Before you get too excited- these homes start at $2 million. The price includes access to the parks, gardens featuring sculptures of original Disney characters, as well as a private clubhouse with dining options, pools, gyms, and family areas.

Residents get to enjoy special parties and events including a safari and free transport to and from the four  theme parks. 



Amazing though aren't they? Once i become rich I know where I'm headed!

Video:Golden Oak Disney World Resort Orlando, Fl. - New Homes For Sale

Credit: Florida Horizons Real Estate

College Times Staff

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