The 14 Worst Things About Life After College

When you are young and naive you think to yourself, won't it be fun to be a grown up making lots of money and just having great craic altogether... We'll it's time for a reality check, College are the best 4-8 years of your life, so cherish them and make them as long and drawn out as possible, fail a few exams if you really need to because life as you know it is about to end...

You Have Absolutely No Cash Money

What Little Money You Have Is Spent Surviving

Yeh... You Wish

You Miss Sitting Around Doing Nothing / Going To The Odd Class

You Thought You Could Do Whatever You Wanted


But You Can't Do Anything Fun... Ever.

You're Degree Means Shit...


That Year You Planned Away... You May As Well Scrap Those Plans Now

You Miss Monday Morning Lie Ins


And Doing Assignments

Never thought I'd say it but it's true


And Going To The Library

Because Work Is Essentially All Those Things Rolled Into One


No Extended Summer Holidays

Your Drinking Buddies Are 50 Year Old Men

The Only Thing You Don't Miss Are Exams


Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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