The 16 People You'll Encounter In College

Going to college is a great experience for any student, and there are several different types of people you will meet on campus. From the college douchebag to the university socialite, and everything in between, you'll stumble across each one of these types of individuals! Which one are you?

16. The Soc student.

"Hey wanna join Ultimate Frisby Soc, Games Soc or Banter Soc?" No, go away.

15. The Slutty One

The one who gets around, he/she will slowly work their way through the majority of the class and make sure everyone knows about it.


14. The class rep.

The person who has the title and does absolutely nothing. Other than perhaps organise the odd session.

13. The Mature student.

Known for taking college "too seriously." In fairness, you would too if you're parents weren't paying for your education, and you had to foot the bill yourself.


12. The final year student.

"Where has the time gone?" Liable to freak out at any given moment. The real world is imminent!

11. The freshman.

Fresh from the Leaving Cert and into college life, the freshman thinks they're living the life, strutting their way through campus like a king.


10. The procrastinator.

The person who will do absolutely ANYTHING to avoid doing actual work.

9. The eager-beaver.

The student who just can't get enough. Has their assignments in a week before the due date and is found in the college library EVEN when it's not exam time!


8. The socialite.

The one who is friends with everyone, even people outside their class and random folk around campus.

7. The drunk.

The one who makes a fool of themselves on class nights out and shows up with a vicious hangover the next day, apologising for anything they might have done in their drunken stupour.


6. The show off.

Wants to get in the lecturer's good books early. Always questions the lecturer and gives their opinions, no matter how dumb.

5. The nerd.

The person who's there to get a degree, not to make friends. There's always one.


4. The dropout.

There's a few of these. The dropout. One minute they're there, then POOF, they've vanished! Never to be seen again.

3. The shy guy.

The one who sits in the corner eating lunch on their own. They'll never make the first move.


2. The recluse.

The one who NEVER goes on ANY college nights out. Comes up with the worst excuses not to hang out with their classmates.

1. The col-ledge.

The one who laps up the ultimate college experience. Yes, the college legend! Accomplishes everything, gets a first and makes some lifelong friends in the process.

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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