The Emotional Life Cycle Of Doing Your Finals

Exam time now looms.

The emotional rollercoaster is hell. No two ways about it. Trying to cope with pressure effects you mentally and physically.

These are the stages to expect..

1. Sure it'll be grand.

Initially you tend to be as cool as a cucumber.

2. Two weeks before the realization you actually need to do something begins to sink in


The queue for the library is longer than the queue for Coppers.. #Fact

3. The Hatred of studying and the fury that instills.

4. The Brain Fart.

18 cans of Red Bull and 3 months of lectures to be covered in 4 days…


5. Loss of confidence 

6. Confidence regained

7. Confidence lost again.. 


8. I don't care anymore..

9. Sheer panic ensues

This is not the time you need take a step back. Exams are just around the corner. You are massvely under prepared.


10. Denial

11. Stress Eating

12. Exhaustion

There is not enough coffee in the world for this..


13. The Freak out

An inevitable part of college life. If your mates are in the same boat just stay clear.

14. Depression


15. Finding Religion

You have exhausted all other options now pray for help.

16. D-day

The day has arrived. Try and take it like a man...


17. Jacked up and ready to go

5 weetabix and a bucket of coffee..

18. Relief 

It's over. Let it go..

19. Freedom.

Go out and get pissed you earned it..

Chris Duff

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