The Six Stages of Procrastination

It's nearing that time of year again, where all those assignments and exams that seemed to be months away have now all of a sudden decided to rear their ugly heads and you get a bit over whelmed. Those weeks of procrastination have now caught up on you and instead of sitting down and getting the work done you'd rather do a Hamlet, and we all know how that ends...


Stage 1: Breaks

You sit down and start to study, after what seems like forever(more like 15 minutes) you feel you deserve a break. This break can usually last anything up to a week.


Stage 2: Highlighting


You may not think it but highlighting the entire book (that your lecturer made you buy at the start of the year) is actually a form of procrastination. You can't remember what exactly he said was important but sure just highlight it all, sure  it’ll be grand.


Stage 3: I'll only send one more text

This is where you text everyone you know and ask how their doing, how's their mam, dad, distant second cousin's niece's son. Anything to avoid the inevitable.



Stage 4: Make lists

The classic to do list makes a reappearance in your life, you start to list all the things you need to do, then get scared of everything you need to do and end up with a more achievable list which will look a little something like this:



Stage 5: Organise


You look at all the notes you've taken throughout the year, spend what seems like years organising it all (which of course counts as study) and then reward yourself with a well-deserved break.


Stage 6: Clean

In the final stage of procrastination you will notice that everything around you has suddenly developed a coat of dust, and that proves a big distraction from your studying. You will then spend the rest of the day cleaning, asking flatmates if they need anything cleaned and even making your own messes just so you don't have to go back and study.


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Meadhbh Crowley
Article written by
Méadhbh Crowley: UCC Student, currently music editor of the UCC Express, once made Bressie feel small by making him sit on a chair.

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