Things That Won't Change After You Graduate

Lots of things change after you leave college. People will tell you to "embrace college life" and "enjoy it while you still can" but no one has mentioned that some things really don't change at all. There are certain habits that you won't be able to get away from for the time being. While you are freaking out about your thesis, presentation or final exams, take time to chill and read the Things That Won't Change After You Graduate.


Koka Noodles and Micro Chips will still be a good dinner substitution

That slutty girl or man whore will still be that slutty girl and man whore

Money will still be tight even when your working full time


Cooking skills will still be at the same level they were in college

Hangovers will still kill you 

You will still drink as much on a night out


Your laundry still never gets done

The Walk Of Shame still happens and it is still mortifying

You will still FaceTime or hang out with your best friends


Procrastination will still be the bane of your life

Student Discounts will continue for as long as you can get away with it 

People are still confused about where they are going in life


Single people still want to be in a couple and couples still want to be single

You still ring your friends after nights out and recount the whole night word for word

The best sandwiches are still the ones your parents make


There is still nothing better than finding money in a coat, bag or trouser pocket

You still are yet to have a fully furnished home

Chicken Fillet rolls are still your go to lunch


Guys and girls still don't know what they want

Sales still entice you

You will still Facebook stalk


You will still call your group of friends by your group name

Whatsapp is still your haven of contact

You will still be protective of your food

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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