Things You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Doing In College

College is a time of greatness and glory but there are some things that make us feel a bit more ashamed than others. Things that can ruin our day that really shouldn't. These actions need to be highlighted. Why should we feel awkward over things that simply don't matter. So, today, I am writing this article to show us students the new social norms. The things you might think are awful that really really aren't. Here are 21 Things You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Doing In College.

1) Taking the last slice.

The 'Polite Potato' Irish people experience happens in every household. It is a Sunday roast at your house and, oh look, there is only one potato left. Send in a 2-minute long debate of "No you have it!" "No no no you!" "No no I really couldn't you take it!" " I insist you have it". To save all this utter nonsense whoever wants it take it.

2) Eating lunch alone.



It really isn't a big deal and I know many students that would rather eat in their cars than eat alone in a restaurant on campus. Ah here now. Stop this jibber jabber and eat alone. You can do this.

3) Swearing


I'll admit it isn't the most attractive thing to hear someone swear constantly. But, having said that, if anyone told me to stop swearing, who wasn't my parent or granny, is a moron. I can do as I please but remember the C word never sounds good.

4) Not tipping much.



Of course, this depends on where you are. If you're in a nice restaurant or a pub then tip away. But, if you are eating where it isn't expected, don't. Remember we are students and Dublin is expensive. We are trying to make two ends meet here.

5) Wearing what you want.


Oh, I apologize that I am not conforming to this hipster way of life. But, I am going to wear what I like and sorry that a bowler hat and dark lipstick don't fit the description.

6) Listening to music you actually like.



Just because everyone is obsessed with house music now doesn't mean that you have to like it. Don't be afraid to say what genre you listen to and if someone judges you I give you full permission to give them the filthiest look you can master up.

7) Being single and proud.


Simmer down ladies, and some fellas, it is okay to be single. You are 20 years old, you aren't going to find the man/woman of your dreams in college, most likely.

8) Watching reality TV.



Albeit, it isn't intellectually stimulating, but lots of us watch it. Never be ashamed. You have full right to watch what you like and not be insulted.

9) Moving abroad at some stage.


I am sure you will miss your family and hate leaving your friends behind but don't feel guilty for leaving. If a job or masters is awaiting you, don't mess up the opportunity.

10) Removing 'certain' people from your Facebook newsfeed.



Deleting friends can be quite harsh at times but removing someone from your newsfeed is quite alright. If you don't like their statuses, or they're your ex and you don't want to see what they're doing, do it. It is better than deleting them and having to face them a couple of nights later.

11) Standing up for yourself.


You are old enough now to know that not everyone likes everyone. The only people you need to be pleasant to are your group of friends, so, if someone pisses you off, tell them. No people pleasers allowed in this town.


12) Spending your money on material things.


You work part-time and it is your money well spent so use it as you wish. If you have one of those friends who rolls her eyes at expensive purchases yet hasn't worked a day in her life - ignore them. You have grafted hard and you deserve this.

13) Quitting a job you hate.


Yes, it is slim pickings out there but if you hate your job or boss, quit. There are plenty more coffee shops and stores that will need staff, especially, coming up to summer.


14) Having a happy childhood.


If you happen to be in a group where people love to talk about their past sadness, don't feel bad that you had a lovely childhood. Don't boast, obviously, but if there are sly digs coming your way just bite your lip and remember the good times.

15) Expecting student discounts.


Everywhere should do them because those extra few euros off means I can go out on the absolute piss tonight. So, do not feel ashamed in asking. You are owed this much.


16) Flirting with bouncers.


If it means you can skip the queue why not? Just don't take it too far. A hoosh up of your boobs or a graze of the leg is stepping over the mark. A polite yet sultry wink and banter will do the trick.

17) Deciding you don't want to stay with someone even if you have been together for years.



Sometimes there are relationships that have lasted years but now it is time to let them go. Don't feel like you have wasted the last 3 years on this person. Think of it as experience and lessons learnt.

18) Eating junk food.


Less of the #paleo #gluten free sh*te. Is it not okay to sit at home on a Sunday and eat your body weight in crisps? Eat what you want, don't let the 'healthiness' stop you from enjoying your Chinese takeaway.

19) Staying in.



Yes, college is about learning academically and socially. But, if there is one night when you are sick or can't be bothered, don't feel bad on bailing. Everyone is entitled to one night in.

20) One night stands.


If you're a guy I am sure you don't let this fear keep you up at night but girls shouldn't feel ashamed for one blunder. Do what you want really.

21) Sneaking drink into nightclubs.


We all do it and, most of the time, if we get caught all the club will do is take it away. But, just think of the money you will save if you get away with it. And, you 99.9% will.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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