The Thought Process Of Someone Studying For Repeats

So you went out, got drunk every other night of the week, learned the values of Netflix and all of a sudden you forgot why you were in college. Classes are optional no? Now all of a sudden you have exams. Those are definitely not optional. You panicked, did them and then forgot again. That is until you get your results and realise that mammy's candle doesn't keep away all bad omens. You now have to face the dreaded summer of study for that very expensive second chance. College, you be a cruel mistress...

1. Why Me?

Why did this have to happen to me? All those fuckers who lied to me, saying that they weren't studying either. Why would you do this to me, why? I now have to sit here under the disapproving glare of my mother for the whole summer. Thank God I didn't go on a J1.

2. Was it Worth it?

Were those nights worth it? Absolutely, great year. The hours of watching Scrubs on Netflix however may not have been.


3. This is the Year Ireland decides to have a Heatwave, Really?

Out of all my years in college, each summer has been more depressing than the next. However the gods have decided to extend the Leaving Cert Weather throughout the summer. Do you know what, fuck you. Fuck you very much.

4. Do I Accept Defeat Now or Later

Is a link in really that bad? Yes it's a lot of money but surely the anguish of my parents is a better fate then this. Anything is better then this.


5. I Will Use This Time to Improve Myself as a Person and as a Student

After one good day of study, you start to think that maybe this was a good thing. The wake up call you needed. This feeling does not last. You will silently bitch and moan for the rest of the summer and you will have no one else to blame but yourself.

 6. What the Fuck was I Doing All Semester?

Seriously. I remember going to college, I remember saying to myself that I would study after one more episode of Jeremy Kyle. I remember promising myself I would get up early. I remember my conscience pleading with me to just get up and do it or I would regret it. What. The Fuck. Happened.


7. We Definitely Didn't Do This In Class.

That's just fandabadozy, just change the whole exam layout and curriculum right before the exam... You know you're only lying to yourself but whatever makes you sleep at night.

8. When Am I Supposed to Start Studying?

Surely there will be some sort of lighting of the beacons for when I'm supposed to get dead serious about the study? JUST GIVE ME SOME IDEA!


9. It's Like Being Back in The Leaving Cert Again

Your parents thought you were at an age where you could be trusted to study on your own. How wrong were they? You now have your mother breathing down your neck every time you leave that desk. Don't even think about going out tonight. It was drink that got you into this situation in the first place.

10. Unreal College Year Though

Despite the fuck up, you most likely had an unbelievable year and there are other things going on that are ten times worse then a couple of repeats. So suck it up, grow some cahoneys, put your head down and don't let it happen again. There isn't that many times left where you can have a water fight at three in the morning or skip work because your 'one pint' turned into playing shot roulette. Keep these memories close, it's why you're trying so hard to go back! Just learn from it!


Bronagh Flynn
Article written by
An English major in the University of Limerick. This country bumpkin may claim she spends her days reading 'War and Peace', contemplating life when in fact she is re-watching episodes of Girls in her quest to becoming a somewhat respectable member of society. An old man at heart, she loves a whiskey on the rocks and over packed clubs give her nightmares.

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