Twelve 90s Toys We'd Still Love To Get This Christmas

Twelve 90s Toys We'd Still Love To Get This Christmas

There have been many a post written about the toys from our childhood, but if you had to think back about all the presents you got off Santy over the years, which ones were actually any good? That's what got the College Times staff thinking were there any toys from our youth we would still play with as adults. Surprisingly many, as it turns out.

1. Mr Frosty

Ah Mr. Frosty. Click play on the ad and let the nostalgia wash over you. I'd still crack out a few ice lollies with it if I had the chance.

2. Screwball Scrabble

You just never knew where that crazy ball was gonna go. Ages 8 to 80.


3. Fischer Price Castle

This may just be me personally but I'm sure I could spend most of the day conjuring up epic battles on these.

4. Remote Control Car

I would get up at 3am in the morning to play with this. One of the few toys that really lived up to their billing.


5. Bop-It

Hours of infuriating entertainment.

6. Gameboy

D'you remember buying every colour 'Pokemon' game under the sun and playing them 'til you were blue in the face?


7. Stretch Armstrong

Yes, he did look like a deformed scrotum, but he was also a great way to waste a couple of hours as you tried to rip the poor fella limb from limb. Like a stress ball for kids.

8. Etch-A-Sketch

For the kids reading this article Etch-A-Sketch was Microsoft Paint before computers.


9. Grow your own alien

Remember this sticky little gremlin?

10. Sticky wall climber

Continuing the sticky theme, many an evening was spent racing these guys down the wallpaper. They were also a magnet for hair and dirt.


11. The Playstation

The grandaddy of them all, what I'd give to be able to fire up a game of Spyro the Dragon right now.

12. Talkboy

Everyone likes the sound of their own voice, don't they?

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Eoin Lyons

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