11 Pens Every 90s Irish Kid Had In School

11 Pens Every 90s Irish Kid Had In School

How many of these were in your pencil case?

There's nothing like a bit of 90s nostalgia to give us all the feels.

This time of year in particular brings us back to simpler days when we were trekking around with the mother, getting all sorted for the school year ahead. Keeping up with the latest stationery was a must and when it came to pens, we were spoiled for choice.

Let's be honest, if you didn't own at least a few of these bad boys at some point, well you weren't worth knowing really.

1. Scented gel pens

2. Furry pens


Excuse me!

3. Fountain pens

Usually the cheapo ones, unless you were feeling fancy.


4. Glitter gel pens

5. Berol pens


6. Bic pens

Let's face it, they're a classic.


7. Tipp-Ex pens

8. Mechanical pencils


9. Erasable pens

10. Pencil-grips.

They deserve an honourable mention for having kept our fare fingers pain free during those stressful days of writing in our copybooks.


11. Multi-coloured jumbo pens

Remember trying to pull down all the colours at once? Mad things.

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Niamh Burke

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