Here's Everything You Need To Know About Putting Your Runners In The Washing Machine

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Putting Your Runners In The Washing Machine

The famous age-old Irish debate, should you put your runners into the washing machine?

This isn't simply a yes or no answer but luckily as someone who's worked in a shoe shop, I have all the answers (well some of them), So here's the ultimate do's and don'ts on how to keep those white runners looking fresh.


  1. First check if the manufacturers recommend throwing them in a washing machine.
  2. Place your runners in a pillow case and wrap an elastic band around them – this is to make sure the fabric stays intact and your runners won't end up looking like your dog ate them.
  3. Throw shoes like Skechers and Toms in the washing machine – they're designed this way so why not keep them looking like new.
  4. Put them in a cold wash – this prevents the colours from fading.
  5. Let them air-dry for a few hours.



  1. Don't put any sort of air cushioned runners into a wash – this could seriously damage your expensive, new shoes.
  2. Make sure to never throw runners into a drier, this could cause your shoes to shrink and not fit!
  3. Don't wash marathon runners like Asics – washing them will loosen the glue and they will end up falling apart after a few washes.


Alternative methods:

  1. Try placing dry tea bags in your shoes – the tea absorbs any foul smells and the longer you leave it, the more effective it will be.
  2. Another way to get rid of foot odour is to sprinkle baking soda in the soles of runners.
  3. Using a foam cleaner can be a really effective way to clean runners unable to go in the washing machine. Grab a shoe brush and buff the foam into the runners – they'll be gleaming in no time.
  4. Mix some warm water and laundry detergent in a bowl – using a sponge rub the entire show until the stains are removed.


Ciara Finnegan

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