9 Tweets That Define Every Student's Freshers' Week Experience

9 Tweets That Define Every Student's Freshers' Week Experience

It's freshers week for many colleges around the country which means a number of students will be facing an existential crisis in the coming days after signing up for seventeen societies, which they will no intention of ever dealing with again and trying to figure out what on earth to do with dozens of goodie bags and miscellaneous items that have been foisted upon them throughout the week.

After you're done going to your seventh 'Ball' and have screamed each and every lyric back to the three members of S Club 7 who are amazingly still touring, it might be time to take stock of the moments that define each and every freshers' week:

1) Graduates Who Won't Let Go:

It's not easy to watch so just look away.

2) The Ones Who Immediately Try To Be Experimental:


We see you.

Freshers from r/ireland

3) The College Administration Promising You A 'Good Time':

If anyone with a clipboard and a giant sign is promising you a good time.


4) There's Always One Student Whose Time In College Means Multiple Personal Epiphanies:

And you'll hear all about these epiphanies on public transport all the bloody time.

5) The New And Exciting Destinations That Not Even Your Friends At Home Will Understand:


While it might have been sad moving away from your home friends, your new friends understand the concept of a mystery bus tour which is a blessing in disguise.

6) A Fresher Deciding Traditional Things Are No Longer Cool:

Oh, like say, a bathroom.


7) The One Person Who Tries To Convince Themselves Being Sociable Is Boring:

"I like being alone" - stop lying to yourself.

8) The Society You'll Inevitably Join To Get A Discount On Burritos:


Is it worth spending twenty euro to sign up for societies that you may or may not ever see again?

9) The Noise:

'Cause 18-year-olds don't know when it's time to go home, roll down the blackout blinds and shove in the noise canceling earplugs.

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