Two Maynooth Geography Lecturers' Rap Battle Has Gone Down A Storm

Two Maynooth Geography Lecturers' Rap Battle Has Gone Down A Storm

If you mention the names 'Mark Boyle' or 'Adrian Kavanagh' to anyone who studied Geography in Maynooth University over the last decade or so you will immediately see that person's face light up.  It's hard to imagine two more fondly remembered lecturers but sadly the university had to say goodbye to one of them this week.

Sadly, Professor Boyle - who served as head of the department from 2007-2012 - is leaving Maynooth to take up a new role at the University of Liverpool after Christmas, and while many would have let him away with a nice, quiet reception to wish him well, Dr Kavanagh had different ideas.

As anyone who attended one of his classes can attest to, Kavanagh is a man who loves throwing in a curveball and this time it was a real doozy. As part of GY305's last lecture of the semester the pair had a rap battle. Yes, a rap battle.

This involved both of them showing up fully in costume - although some put in a lot more effort than others.


DJ Kav was up first, with his performance featured lines such as 'MC Mark loves Marxist Geography. He worships at the alter of David Harvey. What the guys at, don't ask me. Harvey's been out of date since 1973.'  Meanwhile, while Mark Boyle may be a leading thinker on urban and regional development, his rap career may be over before it got started. His effort was more a poetry reading than it was an Eminem homage.

That being said, his lyrics were very much on point. 'Kavanagh is into big data and geocomputation. A computer full of spreadsheets gives him elevation, rising him above his station.'

Straight outta Rhetoric House.

'Was this epic battle captured on camera?' I hear you ask. Yes, it was but it's in the 'Past Students of Maynooth University Department of Geography' Facebook group, so if you aren't part of that great legion then get lost.


In all seriousness though, tributes have poured in from students and staff alike ahead of Professor Boyle's departure. One commentor on Facebook said 'Adrian you missed your calling. You've cheered me up on this dismissal day. Loved it. Best of luck Mark Boyle, I loved your lectures,' with another adding 'I've never missed Geography in Maynooth more than I do now..!!'

Later in the day, his colleagues gave him their own send-off.


Farewell Mark Boyle, no one's pronunciation of the word's 'geography' and 'diaspora' were more loved.

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