"He's Not Even Worth It" 20 Typical Conversations Girls Have On A Night Out

1. "I wonder if she'll be there"

Discussing if the bitch you don't like will show her face tonight and having a bit of a bitch in general.. It's a girl thing.

2. "Do you think they'll search my bag or can I keep my vodka in there?"

A difficult decision, do you take the chance that the bouncers will be sound and not search your bag or do you down it in the queue before you go in

3. "Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots"


Usually chanted, but deeply regretted the following morning...

4. "Is my tan ok? look at my knees"

Girl problems mean that false tan is unfortunately a part of our culture and even if you're an expert at putting it on, the elements will probably ruin it... Sigh

5. The lost phone scare


That moment when you look in your bag and your phone is nowhere in sight, you have a nervous breakdown while frantically searching your bag before you realise it's in your bra..


Your friends get dragged to the dance floor to strut your stuff to 'your song' and you sing your little heart out. It's more than likely a Beyonce song... 90% of the girls in the room also think it's their song too

7. "I wish I wore flats"

As the night goes on you realise wearing heels (as usual) was not your best decision, Your feet hurt so much and at this stage you're considering going barefoot


8. "Is he good looking? "

You 100% rely on your friends at this moment to ensure it is not your intoxicated state or desperateness clouding your usually impeccable judgement

9. "How much do you think she'll charge me for a spray of deodorant?"

Gathering all the change you can find to give to the toilet attendant for a spray of deodorant, sure you might aswell buy a lollipop too...


10. Random DMCs with the crying girl in the bathroom

Without fail there is always that one girl in the bathroom crying her eyes out over loosing her friends/ phone/ money or after having a fight with her boyfriend or just guys being dicks in general, so you prepare your 'He's not worth it speech' while you wait for your friend to finish up.

11. Becoming best friends with other drunk girls in the bathroom

It is very true when they say if girls acted like they do when they're drunk in nightclub toilets all the time the world would be a better place.  It's nice to have friendly chats with them and get them to take full length pictures of you and your friends


Or silently fearing the impatient aggressive girl who starts banging on the toilet doors

12. "I'm so over him"

Declaring to the world how over him you are and how you don't care about how he's liking other girl's pictures on Facebook... Dickhead!

13. "Do you think I should text/call him"


When you're drunk, calling or texting your ex seems like such a fabulous idea... I blame the tequila

14. "Is she giving me dirty looks?"

Classic girl paranoia...

15. Remember when...

Reminiscing on all the other drunken adventures you've shared in the past


16. Talking to guys to get free drinks

Viewed by some as evil... We view it as savvy budgeting!

17. "Where are we going for food after this?"

Intense conversations about what you're going to eat on the way home.



18. Making plans that are never ever going to happen

Usually, you run into someone you know and you do the whole "OMG we definitely need to meet up soon" which actually never happens...


19. "Take a selfie for Snapchat"

We're girls and selfies are a way of life... Snapchat stories are essential on a night out

20 Helping that friend who gets way too drunk

There's always one who had too many double vodkas and you end up holding their hair back or carrying them home... It's usually the same girl every time.



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