Want To Impress A Girl? This Is What to Wear...

For all the guys out there who want to impress the ladies, here are 9 easy ways to get her attention with nothing more than the clothing on your back. After trying these I promise you won't look back...

A Suit

There’s nothing more attractive than a guy in a well fitted suit. If you don't have one yet, get one. Stat.

Fitted Jeans NO flares

Flares are to be kept hidden away with the Pink Floyd Vinyl’s. The music is still good, but denim flared jeans, not so much. You don't want to look like one of the BeeGee's.


A Suit Jacket With Jeans

Girls adore this little combo as it makes you look sophisticated and sexy all at the same time.


Girls want guys to have a million hoodie’s so there’s always one for us to steal.


Casual Runners NO Nike Air Max

If you go on a date and wear your Air Max runners I’m afraid your girl will be running for the hills.

Band T-Shirts

When you wear a band t-shirt (from a music band you actually like, by the way) this shows girls that you are passionate about something and they will like you even more for it. (Just don’t buy a Rolling Stones tee and not know one of their songs.)


A Nice Coat

NO Liverpool crest sprawled across the back, us girls in college like to think we’re with mature, suave and charming. No amateurs need apply.

NO Speedos While On Holiday Please

While you might think you’re showing off your goods, it’s not attractive to look at and it will probably turn us off you.


As it comes back into the autumn and winter seasons, girls love nothing more than to cuddle beside the fire, so if you have a big comfy jumper, it’s going to turn into a place that we can rest our heads. Result!


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Olivia Hayes

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