Well Hot Damn, There Is A Dog Cafe Opening In Cork

Well Hot Damn, There Is A Dog Cafe Opening In Cork

If you love the consumption of various caffeinated beverages and have no allergies/ any lingering ill-will toward domesticated canines, then sweet mother of pearl, have you found yourself in the right article.

If you live within spitting distance of Cork city/ live reasonably near and have access to a sturdy horse or motor vehicle/ live a genuinely inconveniently large distance away but have very little else going on and a near unhealthy obsession with the aforementioned combo then you my friend need to get yourself to Bark & Bumble.

"What's Bark & Bumble?" I hear you ask, why it's only Cork's very first dog friendly cafe. Sure there have been cafes on perhaps 'acquaintance' terms with dogs in the Cork area; cafes that may nod at dogs as they pass by, but hitherto there have been none that could really call themselves 'friends' of dogs. Enter Bark & Bumble.

Throwing two fingers to the wind in light of the fact that Ireland's first cat cafe, located in Smithfield, recently announced it was to close its doors due to financial inviability, Bark & Bumble will open its doors to the public and their assorted hounds on 1 August. When god closes a door (cat-themed cafe in Smithfield) let it never be said that he doesn't then open a window (dog-themed cafe in Cork).

There will be specific treats available for the dogs in the cafe, because well, of course there is. The cafe, which is to open at One Langford Row in Cork City will also boast a doggie ball pit. One can only imagine the amount of industrial strength cleaning fluid necessary to keep on top of such a pit.


In a post on their Facebook page they said that their opening hours will typically be 9am-6pm on weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends and will be shut on Mondays.

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Rory McNab

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