The 10 Types Of People You'll Find In A WhatsApp Group Chat

The 10 Types Of People You'll Find In A WhatsApp Group Chat

Are you in a WhatsApp group chat? A few of these might ring a bell.

1) The Organiser

She's the one who gets things done. The nights out, the weekend trips, the midweek coffees -you've this one to thank for sorting out your social life.


2) The Bailer

She's always a yes when plans are initially made and will send a 'sounds good xx' kind of reply. Fast forward to the day before the said get together and she won't be able to make it. She may have lost a leg or caught a bout of malaria, who knows? Either way, she's got an air tight excuse for backing out and will round off her message with 'defo up for doing something soon.' You might catch her in 2030.


3) The Lurker

She likes to be in the know yet rarely replies to any messages even though you know she's read them all.


4) The Meme Only Girl

Words might fail her but when it comes to the best memes, she's a pro. Whether you're talking about an ex or wailing about your awful hangover, she knows exactly what meme will fit the bill.


5) The Emoji Abuser

Whether it's the laughing face emojis or the fella who looks like he's having a really good think emoji, she's used them all. She's got a hand on emojis you never even knew existed.


6) The Voice-Message Fiend

She sent her first voice message as an experiment and when she started she couldn't stop. Why risk your fingers getting sore sure? The only snag is when you record a super long audio, cancel it by mistake and can't remember what you said. Dammit!


7) The Private Jokester

This is where politics come into play. Instead of just directly messaging the person, she'll send a private joke into the chat and at least half of the group won't have a clue what she's on about.


8) The Bombarder

Screenshots, snaps of her dinner, stories of her bus journey to work - she's the one who keeps the group chat going. She might keep you entertained with her exploits but she's also the reason your photo memory's always clogged up.


9) The Girl Who Loves A Trip Down Memory Lane

The nostalgia queen, she's fond of bringing up stories from Ayia Napa 09 and sending in dodgy old photos.


10) The Venter

She likes to think of the chat as a personal therapy session. No matter what her grievances are - whether she's raging she lost her phone on a night out or she's having a bitch about her boss - she will hit the chat up for some good solid validation or advice.

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